Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Hire Freelance Video Editors on Hourly Basis | Video Editing Freelancers in Delhi-NCR

Video Maker & Freelance Video Editor, Delhi. 

Freelance Video Editor Delhi provides affordable video editing services to businesses throughout the India.

Now if you are looking for a freelance video editor to help you produce great looking videos for your clients then you are definitely in the right place!

I have 8 years Experience with TV Channels, Studios and Freelance Edit .

To save your time and money, contact me directly. 

Avoid paying inflated agency fees and paying extra for the same service.

Hire me directly, it's faster, more reliable and most importantly more affordable for you.

So to contact me about your video editing projects. Please Contact - +91- 9711035757

Producing a variety of different styles of videos. Including the likes of professional video editing Service and post production on films, short clips, music videos, promotions Videos, commercials, intros, online marketing videos etc….

So when you need a freelance video editor, give me a call and I can come into your offices and help you out or If you don't have an edit facility but need some video editing done I can edit on my editing system in your offices.

So contact me directly If you have any type of Video Editing and Graphics Designing work  Please Contact - +91- 9711035757